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SAHM Vs Career Woman - You CAN Achieve Everything!

SAHM Vs Career Woman - You CAN Achieve Everything!

Have you ever thought about running your own business? Has the desire to have children stopped you? You could have both. Running a business, having a career and children is possible, but very challenging.

A great way to run your own business and have children is by building a child friendly cleaning business. If your children are at nursery or school and you want something to occupy yourself with, then setting up a cleaning business could be for you.

Are you extra fussy when it comes to cleaning? Do you have very high standards? Cleaning isn’t for everyone, so if it is something you enjoy, why not make a career out of it.

But is it right for you?

When making the decision to set up a business you should first consider your suitability i.e. is the business idea suited to you, will you enjoy the good and the bad? This is especially true when setting up a cleaning business. If you do not enjoy cleaning, then do not start a business doing it.

You should also consider your health. Cleaning requires repetitive actions over long periods of time such as bending down, kneeling and stretching. Starting a business is also likely to cause your stress levels to increase dramatically; a trip to see the doctor to make sure your health will not be damaged by setting up your business is a good idea.

A few other things to consider include; if the business will be able to fit around you and your family, whether you have enough financial and family support, and the right skills to run a business.

The likelihood is that it will take over your life to begin with; you need to consider whether you can make the required sacrifices in order for the business to succeed. You also need to consider whether you and your family could cope with the extra strain it will have on family life and finances, you need to think about whether you have enough capital to start one in the first place, and do you have the required skills to manage it effectively. Do you have the right office skills, are you a good communicator and listener, these are all the things that will influence your final decision about setting up your cleaning company.

If yes, make a plan!

Once you have thought about it all, and you still want to go ahead, then it’s time to make a plan!

As with any business or anything I do, making a plan is the best way to make sure you stay on top of everything.  As part of your business plan, you should think about:

  • What sort of cleaning company would you like to create? Will it be for general cleaning, industrial cleaning or one off cleaning such as end of tenancy? You may require qualifications the more specific your cleaning business becomes.
  • What about offering different types of cleaning? As your business grows, could you offer cleaning for all market needs, or will you just stick to one niche?
  • What cleaning products will you use? Will you make your own, will they be environmentally friendly? You may have to use certain products for different cleans due to regulations.
  • What geographical area will you work within? Will you stay local, or are your prepared to travel? Find out what services are already being offered in your desired location and make sure the competition isn’t too fierce that you won’t be able to compete.
  • Think about your transportation. What size will you need, can you really rely on the family’s car? Would you get all the cleaning equipment in it?
  • What prices will you charge? Check out the competition; make sure you are able to compete on price.

You will be able to answer these questions more easily once you have decided on the scale of your business. For example, if you are looking to do general cleaning within your local area for the neighbours as a little extra for when the kids are at school, it is likely that you will not need to think about a full fleet of transportation or a cleaning team.

Your business plan is not only about making the decision of what you are going to charge and what supplies etc you may need, it’s also about making sure you have things in place for ‘just in case’ such as insurance, back up savings and whatever else you may need.

What’s next?

Once all the not so exciting decisions have been made, it’s time to think about the face of your company, your brand.

Decide what you want your company to represent and create your brand around it. Decide on the name of your company, the brand colours; create your advertising and marketing. For a small business, look at something which isn’t going to cost you the earth.

Once chosen, reflect this throughout your business, on your uniforms, your transport and your company website. Yes, it is extremely important to have company website, even if it is just for information and not bookings, you need to reach your customers in the best way.

Your first cleaning client

Now all of the above is done, and the many other tasks you will need to complete before you are up and running, you are ready to begin cleaning.

Obtaining your first clients will not be easy; they will need to learn to trust you. One great way to gain the first few is by offering a special one off starter price. Once they have made their booking, and you show them how great your service is, they will trust you and want to use your services again. Why not use friends and family to practice on before going into the big wide world, they could also give you references which may help potential clients to choose you.

When visiting, make sure you are presentable, polite and honest. Cleaning within a local area will allow you to create close customer relationships, you may even know the people you are cleaning for, but you should still be professional. After all, if they receive a good service, they are likely to recommend you to someone else, and for every one client you have, there could be the potential of many more. 


Bio: Karen is a successful business woman and entrepreneur. She has found success in her own cleaning company and loves the opportunity of passing on her knowledge to others. When she is not spending her time working hard, she enjoys nothing more than a relaxing walk with her partner and dogs.

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