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6 Hacks To Get That Stain Out

6 Hacks To Get That Stain Out

“What is that?” You wonder as you stare at the splotch on your couch. Set-in stains, red wine stains, blood stains, salt stains, food stains—there are stains of literally every variety: and most of the time, after assuming there is no way to get it out, you just let it become part of your rug or shirt or sheets. Instead, check out these stain-removing hacks that will save you from living with one more mess.

1. Put OxiClean on Everything

No matter what it is, dirt on the carpet, blood on the couch, wine on your blanket, practically anything can be removed from any fabric with this stuff. Just spray on and soak the stain, wait five to fifteen minutes, and then rub with a wet cloth. OxiClean definitely can leave its own stain on certain fabrics and will sometimes leave a faint memory of the stain behind, but in any quick-clean emergency situation, it’s a great go-to.

2. Use Vinegar on Salt

Walking around a city in the winter is miserable for many reasons, but especially because it means coming home to salt stains on your shoes. Instead of tossing your suede boots every spring, simply mix up equal parts white vinegar and warm water and rub over the salty stains with a towel. Rub the same spot with a dry towel and then let your shoes dry overnight—you’ll never have to look down at those ugly stains on your gorgeous shoes again.

3. Apply Hairspray to Leather

You can treat a small stain on a leather jacket or couch with hairspray—although you might not want to use your $30-a-bottle MorrocanOil spray on this job. Just dip a q-tip in the hairspray and rub it over the stain; then treat the area with leather cleaner and conditioner to keep the leather from drying out. This method works especially well for errant pen marks.

4. Remove Oil with Cornstarch

Resourceful home-genius Martha Stewart recommends using cornstarch or talcum powder in any spilled grease. The powder will absorb the oil in less than fifteen minutes, and you can scrape off the majority of the stain. You will need to treat the area with stain remover once you are finished, but the powder will keep the grease from seeping deep into your couch cushions.

5. Add Lemon Juice to Sheets

Did you know when you combine lemon juice with white vinegar and water it creates a gentle bleaching solution? This mixture (1 part lemon, 1 part vinegar, 2 parts water) can be applied to most fabrics to remove the color from a stain. So next time you’re eating chocolate in bed while watching TV, know you can just run back into your kitchen to whip up a stain remover when you fall asleep, Reece’s in-hand.

6. Call the Cleaners for the Impossible

There’s no shame in giving up on an impossible-to-fix stain. There are people who know the ins and outs and the ups and downs of stain removal and will be able to come in and use their superior products to remove just about anything. Residential cleaning services from Edmonton to Shanghai, London to LA, are just a phone call away. Don’t be afraid to call in the big guns.

Armed with your new arsenal of stain treating tips, feel free to let the wine flow, the kids eat with their hands, and the dog play in the mud: you’re prepared.

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